The inspiring culture and beautiful nature in Jamaica will unfold
as you go on an adventure with a local tour guide and leave
the all-inclusive-resorts behind. We support local Rasta Tour Guides so they can build their independent life in a honest, human way.

Fair traveling, a clean game!


Handmade Jamaica

Lignum Vitae bowls &

cutting board buy now

Lignum vitae is a trade wood. The trees are indigenous to the Caribbean
and the northern coast of South America. The wood was once very important
for applications requiring a material with its extraordinary combination of strength,
toughness and density. It is also the tree of the Jamaican national flower.

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The Real Jamaica on the Natural Rasta Way:
You will have an irie travel experience; the local guide will show you hidden waterfalls, beaches, Rastafarian Community’s and guesthouses. They will bring you the music, dance and spirituality of Jamaica and share their knowledge of herbs, history and gardening with you!

Jamaica magnetizes you!
You ‘ll be connected to nature, spirituality, the people and yourself easily; give & receive, embrace & let go; ‘The flow of life’.

You can discuss special wishes with your guide and together you ‘ll make your own incredible adventure; always remembering.
Rappa Rasta Tours operates from Negril, Norman Manley Boulevard, and is able to pick you up where ever you need.
Contact us for questions, information and/or advice to plan your trip.

Rappa Rasta Tours is a co-creation of Rasta Rappa and Sandra’s InspiringVibes. They work all over Jamaica, building teams with other Rasta’s and locals like Rasta Allen in Gut River, Kurthy in Roaring River, Clinton, Oxx, Popson in South coast, Blue Mountains, Manchioneal.
Rappa, as an official Tour Guide, will use an assistance when needed.
When full booked you will be in good hands with one of our colega tour guides.